Looking for a career that’s in high demand? Design your future with an electrical systems design technology degree at Ranken Technical College.

Does a career in electrical systems design technology sound right for you?

You are a visual thinker and leader who enjoys hands-on work. You like the challenge of working with a team to manage a big project.

The ideal job for you would combine science and design, where you can use your ability to see both the big picture and the important details.

You want a career with plenty of employment options – and one that can pay very, very well.

Does this sound like you? If so, getting your electrical systems design technology degree at Ranken Technical College could be a smart first step to a great career.

Why choose Ranken for your electrical design degree?

In response to a rising demand for skilled technicians who are qualified to work on a day-to-day basis with building engineers, Ranken has developed the Electrical Systems Design Technology program.

Unique in the St. Louis region, this program provides four semesters of training and instruction leading to an associate degree.

Students receive hands-on training in electrical wiring, industrial controls, circuitry, machinery and power distribution. In the final semester, students are required to complete an electrical design and layout project, including a complete set of drawings, details and other necessary documentation.

Program graduates will have great flexibility in career options and are qualified for employment as junior electrical designers, electrical estimators, insurance inspectors, manufacturers’ sales representatives and electrical engineering associates.

Jason D. Alden

Instructor, Full Time

Gary Candrl

Instructor, Full Time

Sal R. Francis

Instructor – Electrical Automation Technology, Full Time

Mark J. Ganim

Instructor, Full Time

Roy E. Gillespie

Department Chair and Instructor, Full Time

C. Eugene Island

Instructor, Full Time

Timothy R. Nelson

Instructor, Full Time

Andrew R. Raines

Instructor, Full Time

H. Lee Reel

Instructor, Full Time

John S. Schwarz

Instructor – Electrical Automation Technology, Full Time

Nicholas A. Weatherly

Instructor, Full Time - Electrical Division; Adjunct Instructor, Evening School - Precision Machining Technology

Anthony L. Wilkinson

Instructor, Full Time

Michael J. Zangori

Workforce Development Specialist and Instructor, Full Time

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With an emphasis on electrical distribution systems for modern commercial and industrial buildings, coursework includes:

  • Design and construction of electrical distribution systems
  • Commercial lighting design
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
  • Electrical estimating
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)