Violet White graduated December 2019 from Ranken’s Electrical Automation Technology evening program, Cum Laude. She pursued her degree in tandem with work and family commitments. Her strong work ethic and determination took priority over the obstacles she encountered. Often complimented for her positive disposition, her success comes as no surprise.

“I really enjoyed the hands-on training that we did.  It helped me retain the information we were learning,” she says, “I enjoyed the different people I was able to meet and loved the fact there were two other women in the class with me. I enjoyed being able to work along with them.”

Violet’s personality and fortitude complement her success. “Violet ranks in the top five of my favorite students,” says Nicholas Weatherly, Electrical Instructor, “She had the best personality and was always an absolute joy to work with. I truly admired Violet’s ‘never give up’ approach to everything. Through dogged determination and faith, she persevered and excelled.” He added, “I find the students that must grind and work tirelessly are the ones that will be the most successful. Lessons learned through struggle are kept forever.”

Violet’s supervisor, Greg Miller, Production Supervisor for AZZ Switchgear Systems, enjoys having this Ranken grad on his team. He explained, “Violet does a great job for us. She has a wonderful personality, a good attitude, and great work ethic. Violet took to her job very quickly, working on large electrical switchgear systems for substations serving local communities. She gets along with everyone and we’re very happy to have her here.”

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