Jay Washington tells us, “Ranken Technical College has opened doors to me that would have been closed. I have had the opportunity to work in safety, through calibrating/repairing gas detection equipment, electronic design by building remote boxes with resistors/diodes and soldering, and electric design and power grid development and growth.” Jay’s career soared after graduating from Ranken’s Electronics Engineering Technology program in 2004. He now holds the position of Energy Services Consultant for Ameren Missouri.

“Jay is a pleasure to work with,” says Tim Callahan, Supervisor Distribution Services, Gateway Division, Ameren Missouri. “We serve in a fast-paced environment that requires a lot of customer interaction. While this can be challenging, Jay is very responsive to both our external customers and internal customers (such as our construction supervisors and our call center employees). Jay takes pride in his work, doing everything in his power to make sure projects go smoothly, working evenings and weekends to insure he’s ready when his customers are ready to move forward. Jay leads his team by example, bringing up moral when they face frustration and encouraging good practices, particularly related to safety. Being one of the more experienced members of our Team, he answers the call to better himself and develop our team members. Jay has a strong work ethic; his example has a positive influence on our entire team.”

Jay has countless good memories of his Ranken experience: daily labs, touring a police station and radio stations to see real life applications, and, of course, the annual softball games. He’s proud to have obtained his BSBA and MBA degrees from Webster University following his stint at Ranken.

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Photo with family & friends @ Ameren, taken pre-pandemic.