Learn web design and get mobile app development training at one of the best web design schools in Missouri!

Is web design and mobile app development training right for you?

You want an in-demand career working with cutting-edge technology.

You want to learn by doing, working on real-world projects that prepare you to get hired.

You’re creative and meticulous, and you love finding new ways to get things done.

Does this sound like you? If so, web development and mobile app development training could be your path to a successful career. In Ranken’s Application and Web Development program, you’ll learn the most in-demand skills in the industry.


Why learn web design and app development at Ranken?

In this program, you will focus on application and Web-based programming with experience in Web design. You will use industry-standard applications such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Android Studio. You’ll also learn to code HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL using the Microsoft .NET framework. You will learn to use a variety of programming languages, including Java (for Android programming) and C# to design, develop and maintain software applications to help businesses discover new opportunities and solve real-world problems.

What sets Ranken apart from other web design schools in Missouri is that our curriculum is completely industry-driven. We work with our industry advisory board to make sure that we are teaching the most in-demand programming languages.

Bradley E. Lutes

Instructor, Full Time

Shannon C. Brueggemann

Instructional Coordinator, Full Time

Charles G. Corrigan

Division Chair & Instructor, Full Time

Patrick N. Duchinsky

Instructor, Full Time

Evan A. Gudmestad

Assistant Division Chair and Instructor, Full Time

Duke R. Miller

Instructor, Full Time

Alan P. Poettker

Instructor, Full Time

Ashley R. Reddick

Instructor, Full Time

Ryan N. Schafferkotter

Instructor, Full Time

Michael J. Stuesse

Instructor, Full Time

S. Kyle Vann

Adjunct Instructor, Evening School

In Ranken’s Application and Web Development program, you will:

  • Complete a different real world project in each of the 4 semesters attended at Ranken.
  • Learn web design and development using the latest versions of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern JavaScript libraries.
  • Use object-oriented programming principles and fundamentals to develop, troubleshoot and implement applications in Java and C#.
  • Develop Web-based applications using traditional .NET framework, MVC.NET and .NET Web Services.
  • Create data-driven Web-based applications that utilize T-SQL, stored procedures, LINQ and/or ADO.NET data access techniques.