Are you currently in high school, but want to take the fast track to a high-paying technical career? Ranken can give you a head start.

Dual Enrollment Program

We’ve partnered with area high schools to offer a range of dual enrollment programs for high school students. Through these programs, you can begin attending classes at Ranken for college credit during your senior year.

The best part? If you complete a semester of the program during high school, you can finish your associate’s degree at Ranken in as little as three additional semesters after you graduate from high school. That means you could be giving yourself a 25 percent head start on your associate’s degree, just by starting early!

Participating in our dual enrollment programs for high school students can also help you get into the workforce faster. Do you know you want a job working with your hands? Working with cutting-edge technology? Or just a rewarding job with a great salary and benefits? Dual Enrollment at Ranken can help you land that job.

Your Dual Enrollment high school credits can help you get your associate’s degree faster, so you can start building your career while your friends from high school are still taking out student loans.

Eligible high school seniors who meet the college entrance requirements are admitted into the Dual Enrollment Program during the final semester of their graduating year. These students can earn college credit while satisfying their high school degree diploma requirements.

As a Dual Enrollment school, Ranken has enrolled more than 150 local high school students in the program since 2010.

  • Does my high school offer dual enrollment programs for high school students?

    Ranken currently has partnerships with the following high schools:

    • Lincoln County R-III School District
      • Troy Buchanan High School
      • New Horizons High School
    • Wentzville R-IV School District
      • Holt High School
      • Liberty High School
      • North Point High School
      • Pearce Hall High School
      • Timberland High School

    If your school is not listed above, inquire with your guidance counselor or college advisor about participating in Ranken’s dual enrollment program.

    School representatives and families with homeschooled students who are interested in a Dual Enrollment partnership with Ranken can contact Emily Carline, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, at [email protected] to discuss becoming a participating high school.

  • Do I qualify for Dual Enrollment high school credits?

    You only need to meet a few requirements to be eligible for Ranken’s dual enrollment program:

    • Attend a partnering high school (listed above) or have a homeschool agreement with Ranken in place.
    • Receive written consent from your school’s guidance counselor or other designated administrator.
    • Maintain good academic standing in your high school coursework. Dual Enrollment students will be held to the same academic requirements as Ranken’s traditional students.
    • Good attendance in high school. Ranken’s strict attendance policy will be enforced.
    • Have the ability to participate in your designated program at Ranken’s campus during the required 4-hour timeframe each day.
    • Participate in at least one Shadow-A-Tech session before beginning your first semester as a Dual Enrollment student.
  • What Dual Enrollment high school programs are available?

    Programs are available across all five divisions: Automotive, Construction, Electrical, IT, and Manufacturing. Program eligibility varies by Ranken location and participating high school. Speak with your guidance counselor for a detailed list of programs available to you.


    View all programs in our Course Catalog.

Are you a student from an eligible school looking for more information about how to get dual enrollment credit? For more information on applying for a dual enrollment program, contact Emily Carline, Dual Enrollment Coordinator at (314) 286-3641 or [email protected].

Credit by Assessment Program

Ranken’s Credit by Assessment program could give you college credit for your technical learning during high school! Here’s how to make your high school technical courses pay off and help reduce the cost of your college education.

Ranken Technical College participates in several programs designed to evaluate educational experiences obtained through high school programs. These high school programs are designed to assist the College and the student to transcribe previously acquired knowledge into college credit. The Credit by Assessment program is one of the measures used to determine a student’s level of proficiency and skill level attained through a high school and/or a technical program. For more information, contact the Admissions office.

“When I graduate next year, most of my friends will only be finishing up their first year of college. I will have a head start on my career, and a lot less in student loans.”

Derek Dean, Ranken graduate (Information Technology) and Dual Enrollment participant

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