Need CCNA certification? Learn more about Ranken’s convenient evening computer networking program.

Is Ranken’s Computer Networking program right for you?

You’re looking for CCNA training that’s offered in the evening, so you can keep working while you update your credentials.

You want a computer networking program that will set you up to continue your education in the future.

Does this sound like you? If so, getting your CCNA certification through Ranken could help you advance in your career.

Why choose Ranken for CCNA training?

Composed of a combination of computer desktop operating systems, Local Area Networking (LAN), Wide Area Networking (WAN) and microcomputer hardware, Ranken’s four-semester evening program leads to a Certificate in Computer Networking Technology.

The first two semesters of the program focus on preparing students to become A+ Certified technicians. The curriculum covers installation, configuration and troubleshooting of desktop computer systems.

During the second year, students are introduced to network devices and how they fit into the network. Using Cisco routers, students learn how to implement routing among the LAN protocol suites and across WANs. With the skills gained in this program, students are prepared to design, build and maintain small and medium-sized networks.

At the completion of the second year, students are eligible to earn Cisco® Certified Network Associate (CCNA™) certification.

For students interested in furthering their education, these courses can be credited toward the Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (BSAM) degree.

Jeffrey P. Scott

Instructor, Full Time

Brock A. Parsons

Instructor, Full Time

Paul J. Knott

Instructor, Full Time

Tamara C. Williams

Adjunct Instructor, Evening School

William J. Weber

Instructor, Full Time

Danny R. Underwood

Adjunct Instructor, Evening School

Paul R. Smith

Instructor, Full Time

Carlton R. Curry

Adjunct Instructor, Evening School

Velimir Cosic

Adjunct Instructor, Evening School

Charles G. Corrigan

Division Chair & Instructor, Full Time

Evan A. Gudmestad

Assistant Division Chair and Instructor, Full Time

Duke R. Miller

Instructor, Full Time

Alan P. Poettker

Instructor, Full Time

Ashley R. Reddick

Instructor, Full Time

Michael J. Stuesse

Instructor, Full Time

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Curriculum for the program includes:

  • Command Line and Windows® Lab
  • Microcomputer Hardware and Peripherals
  • Data Communication and Basic Router Configuration
  • Implementing Cisco® Networking Equipment and Wide Area Network (WAN) Router Configuration
  • Healthcare Information Networking (optional)