Natalie Howell is an up-and-coming graduate, wrapping up concurrent degrees in Electrical Systems Design Technology and Bachelor of Applied Management. Bryan Truemper, electrical instructor, speaks to Natalie’s drive and motivation, “Natalie started the class well prepared because of the internship she sought during the previous summer. She works hard to understand the why’s and how’s of Electrical Design and is willing to help others in the class better understand the projects we are working on.”

While on her degree path, Natalie qualified for several scholarship awards:

  • Monticello Scholarship (for female students),
  • Jaudes Endowed Scholarship (for new students), and
  • Alumni Association Scholarship (awarded to family of Ranken alumni).  Natalie’s brother Nick graduated with honors from the same programs she is completing.

“Ranken gave me the opportunity to attain a career that I am truly passionate about . . . I was able to learn about a subject and field I knew nothing about before attending Ranken,“ says Natalie. “My favorite memory is learning how to do the hands-on portion of my schooling. I believe that through Ranken I was able to learn how a specific function actually works.”

Justin Kohlman, Executive Vice President, Schaeffer Electric Company, met Natalie at the Fall 2019 Ranken Career Fair. He explains, “At that time, we were hoping to bring in a new intern who had recently started at Ranken that could have an extended internship at Schaeffer and really learn what it was like at our company. It gave us time to decide if she would be a fit and it gave her time to learn and decide the same. Natalie presented as polished, confident, and excited for an opportunity to learn. While she was new to electric, Natalie was an easy choice to offer an internship because we believed she was very capable of learning the job.”

Once Natalie was in the office, Kohlman shares,

She picked up on things quickly. Learning to be an electrical estimator can be a boring, repetitive endeavor, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Natalie has always been a positive person throughout her internship as she learned more about the position. She also displays punctuality, dedication, and an easy-going personality. Natalie gets along with everyone. She works with different estimators and project managers. She always asks the right questions. For an intern, that speaks volumes.”

Natalie will join Schaeffer Electric full-time after she graduates. Kohlman adds, [This] “is a great example of why working with Ranken and offering students internships early in their education can be very beneficial to employers . . . In addition, extended internships are beneficial to the student/intern. Natalie was always excited to share her experience at Schaeffer. Hopefully, this made her schooling easier, and allowed her to get more out of her schoolwork.”

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