Want to earn a certification quickly? Ranken’s one year certificate programs are for you.

Ranken’s flexible one year certificate programs allow you to advance your career without slowing down at work. Check out Ranken’s one year college programs – we are available when you are.

Carpentry Maintenance

With a curriculum that combines classroom lecture and shop activities, this residential carpentry and maintenance program includes building basic stairs; computing basic construction math; constructing concrete forms; installing and repairing windows and doors; installing floors and ceilings; remodeling and completing structural changes; roofing; and framing walls.

Precision Welding and Fabrication

Students receive training and hands-on experience in blueprint reading; gas metal arc welding (GMAW); gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW); shielded metal arc welding (SMAW); oxy-acetylene welding; oxy-fuel cutting; and proper joint design and welding techniques

Solar Energy and Green Technology

Ranken is dedicated to training students with the most up-to-date technology and equipment. “Green” technology is the wave of the future and Ranken is providing students with the necessary skills to stay on the edge of this new revolution in sustainable energy.

According to the US Department of Energy, Photovoltaic (PV) technology is a young, growing high-tech industry that is going to create jobs and strengthen the economy. PV makes use of the abundant energy of the sun and has little or no negative impact on our environment. It can be used in a wide range of products, from small consumer items to large commercial solar electric systems.

Within the next 10 years, PV electricity will be competitive in price with traditional sources of electricity and will become widely utilized. Now is the time to learn how to work with this important new technology and help reduce the world’s carbon footprint. Coursework Includes: Grid Tied Systems, Solar Thermal Applications, Hybrid Systems and Rainwater Systems.

Stationary Engineering

This program serves as a license preparation course in accordance with St. Louis’ power plant safety codes. Enrollment is limited to those with a minimum of six months’ experience as a power plant operator, maintenance employees or Ranken Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program graduates.

Training includes boiler operation, maintenance and safety; boilers and auxiliary equipment; steam engines, turbines, air compressors and electricity; and industrial refrigeration.

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  • Carpentry Maintenance
  • Precision Welding and Fabrication
  • Solar Energy and Green Technology
  • Stationary Engineering