Ranken Technical College’s alumni, as a general rule, Pay It Forward.  They hire, mentor, teach and encourage current students preparing to enter the workforce.  One example of this tradition is Dustin Snyder and Daniel Brostron, both graduates of the Electrical Systems Design Technology (ESDT) degree program.

Dustin admits he had a rocky start: he didn’t apply himself in high school, had false starts in community college, and had trouble finding a fulfilling career.  That changed when at the behest of his stepfather he enrolled in ESDT at Ranken.  Electrical instructor Sal Frances relates it was “always so nice to be around him . . .he was so curious about things and very positive. . . It was fun to tap into his energy because he is so inspiring.”  Dustin threw himself into as many activities as he could before graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2014 – from serving as a Student Ambassador and Teacher’s Assistant to working at the on-campus BioMerieux micro-enterprise to volunteering for the FIRST Robotics competition; he is currently pursuing a BSAM at Ranken.

Daniel Brostron enrolled several years later, graduating from the ESDT program in 2020.  He found that the practical experience in electrical installation at Ranken helped him clearly comprehend writing diagrams and visualize his own electrical circuit designs.  “Ranken’s training helped a lot with preparing me,” Daniel tells us.  Instructor Bryan Truemper found that “Daniel worked hard in class and had a great attitude. He thrived learning the different design software programs.”

Their paths crossed when Dustin returned to campus to participate in a job fair.  For several years, he had worked for global energy leader Sargent & Lundy, and he introduced the company to Daniel.  Now, they work together at S&L’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Group in Alabama – Dustin as Design Lead and estimator and Daniel as a Drafter.  Nuclear Power Group Senior Manager Randy Cook, who supervises both young men, finds that Ranken students are equipped with a strong foundation for success, are work-ready on their first day of employment, and able to handle challenging assignments with minimal supervision.

Dustin continues to serve as an ambassador and express his gratitude for the opportunities the College has provided him with.  He says “the three items that had the biggest impact on my success were the quality of the instructors at Ranken, the curriculum being based on employer need, and the fact Ranken employs the latest and greatest technology.  Attending Ranken is one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my life.”



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