We understand – affording college is a big concern. At Ranken, our goal is to make sure that every student gets the financial help they need to get a great technical education.

Ranken students enjoy a unique financial benefit. As a nonprofit college, we’re among the region’s most affordable colleges that offer high-quality, hands-on technical education.

The reason we’re able to offer a lower tuition than other private institutions is due to our generous donors – like businesses, alumni and others – who give money to support the college and help pay for the school’s operations. We also have an endowment fund that goes back to Ranken’s founding in 1907, which offsets tuition and helps us stay among the most affordable colleges.

We believe that concerns about affording college should never keep a student from attending Ranken. So we make every effort help you fund your education through a variety of sources, like grants, scholarships and loans.

Our financial aid team is here to work with you to help make affording college as straightforward and simple as possible.

Tuition for 2023-2024 school year:

  • Full-Time Day Program Tuition

    $8,100 per semester ($675 per technical credit hour)
    $16,200 per academic year

    12 or more credit hours per semester is considered full time at Ranken.

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (BSAM) Tuition

    $382 per credit hour ($1,146 for a 3 credit hour course)

  • Evening Program Tuition

    $675 per technical credit hour
    $4,050 per 6 credit hour course

  • General Education Only Tuition

    $185 per credit hour
    $555 per 3 credit hour course

    This rate is for students taking only general education courses and no technical major or core courses. Books and tools are separate fees. Please contact the Admissions office for approximate costs.

  • Books, Tools, and Testing Fees

    Students enrolled in daytime programs (certificates and associates) MUST purchase specific tools.

    Students are required to purchase books and tools, which vary in cost according to the respective technical program.

    The College reserves the right to specify tools (brands and types) for required lab and shop assignments. Only approved tools and books may be used.

    In some day and evening programs, students will be required to attempt industry certification exams. Testing fees will be applied to cover the cost of the exams.

    Estimated books, tools, and testing fees can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

  • Student Fees

    $645 per semester for Day School.
    $325 per semester for Evening School.
    $325 per semester for General Education Only.
    $445 per semester for Automotive Evening.
    $645 per semester for High Performance Evening.
    No fee for Bachelor of Science in Applied Management.

    The student fee will cover costs of student benefits, including an initial Ranken parking tag, Ranken ID card, accidental insurance, official transcripts while in attendance, cap, gown, diploma, and any Cengage Subscription needed for books.

    In certain programs where a lab fee is applied to cover tool rental fees, the student fee will not be applied. The lab fee will include the benefits listed above.

  • Registration Fee

    All students excluding Continuing Education students pay a $95 non-refundable registration fee.

    Tuition is due:

    Summer semester tuition: April 1

    Fall semester tuition: July 1

    Spring semester tuition: December 1

*Refer to the 2023-2024 Academic Year Catalog for tuition rates for current academic year.

Tuition payment and payment plans may be arranged through the Business Office.

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), each postsecondary institution that participates in Title IV federal student aid programs must post a net price calculator on its website that uses institutional data to provide estimated net price information to current and prospective students and their families based on a student’s individual circumstances.

If you have questions about paying for college here at Ranken, contact the Financial Aid office at (314) 286-4878 or [email protected].

Approximately 74 percent
of students at Ranken receive some form of financial aid.

Questions? Contact Us!