Ranken’s Electrical Systems Design Technology program provides hands-on training using Computer-Aided Drafting, Building Information Modeling, and REVIT software to design electrical wiring, industrial controls, circuitry, machinery, and power distribution to create intelligent 3D models to produce construction documentation for large-scale projects. Zippia.com, the career expert, reports finding a job with an electrical design engineering degree will not be an issue. Working in one of the many branches of this profession, you can earn between $65,000 to $110,000 a year. The career is expected to grow 2% by 2028, producing 8,000 job opportunities in the U.S.

Nathaniel Turner graduated from the Electrical Systems Design Technology program in May 2013. He is an electrical designer in the Physical Department at Sargent & Lundy in Chicago, IL. Nathaniel creates blueprints and schematics, showing the physical layout of the equipment. He explains, “My experience at Ranken taught me how to loosen up a bit and how to properly communicate. I learned how to be patient with myself and others to assure precision and accuracy. I also learned to ask questions, and more questions!”

Nathaniel values the mentoring and encouragement he received from Ranken staff. “My first year, I was constantly in the Student Achievement Center getting help with math. There was always someone there when I needed help. Dr. Mottert, a Mathematics professor who tutored students, was extremely helpful; he made me more confident in myself and my abilities,” says Nathaniel.

Dr. Les Mottert recalls Nathaniel as “one of the finest young men to attend Ranken. Like many students, he struggled in algebra, but I saw his desire to succeed. By asking questions in class and seeking robust tutoring he made progress very quickly. His grades improved as well as his self-esteem. Nathaniel was a real pleasure to have in class and work with daily.”

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