Andrew Hoemmen graduated from Ranken Technical College in 2020 from the Electrical Automation Technology (EAT) associate’s degree program. Today, many companies rely on highly skilled workers to operate and maintain complex electronic and robotic systems, and EAT graduates fill this urgent need. The Ranken experience is truly part of a tradition for Andrew, as three family members are either alumni or are currently attending!
Andrew consistently impressed his instructors with his positive attitude and work ethic. Perhaps the descriptor most applicable to Andrew’s academic career at Ranken however, is resiliency, as electrical instructor James Gober explains: “Andrew lived in Illinois and when the main channel of the Mississippi froze and the ferry couldn’t run, he would take an open jon boat in front of the Winfield Dam . . . to come to school. During the spring flooding, he was unable to return home for a month or so and stayed with relatives. Andrew had a great dedication to his academic pursuits!”
He is now employed by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Missouri (TMMMo) in Troy. Toyota Missouri (formerly Bodine Aluminum) employs over 900 team members and produces 2.7 million cylinder heads a year. Andrew’s supervisor, Camryn Vrbka, has been extremely impressed by the capabilities of this Ranken graduate telling us, “Andrew is a team member I can perpetually count on . . .[he] consistently wants to learn new skills and always goes above and beyond to ensure the job is done right.” Andrew himself remains very appreciative of his educational experience, saying “I went directly from Ranken into my current position, [the college] had a huge impact.” Andrew is an outstanding example of the skilled, dedicated individuals that start their professional journey at Ranken Technical College and continue on to meaningful career paths.