Ranken’s commercial driver training program is more than just truck driver training. Our CDL training program is designed to help you launch a career with your Class A license. 

Are you interested in commercial driver training?

As our economy grows, so does the demand for quality shipping solutions and the truck drivers to keep the supply chain moving. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training is a critical step to secure the certification needed for a career in this field.

With a Class A CDL, you can become an in-demand and well-paid truck driver, or pursue many non-trucking career fields, such as an equipment operator in engineering or construction; a delivery truck or bus driver; or a technician for highway maintenance vehicles or tractor trailers.

Why consider Ranken for truck driver training?

Ranken’s CDL training program is based on the Professional Truck Driver Institute’s requirements for entry-level truck drivers.

Through a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience, our students graduate from the commercial driver training program ready to take and pass their Class A CDL test.

What is included in Ranken’s CDL training program?

Students will attend classroom training, which prepares them to take the Missouri State CDL permit test. Students will then progress to practice driving range for an introduction to basic maneuvers, then finally drive on public roads, both in town and on highways. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to take the driving portion of the CDL test.

How does Ranken help students find careers after graduation?

Ranken’s commercial driver training program provides direct connection to regional transportation companies through job fairs, guest speakers and company recruiters.

Several local companies in Perryville, MO are interested in graduates from our CDL training program:

  • Gilster Mary-Lee
  • Rollet Brothers Trucking Co.
  • Beelman Truck Company

If you’re interested in joining this high-demand field, it’s time to start your CDL training!


P. David Morgan

Instructor, Full Time

Brien J. Dover

Instructor, Full Time

Louis E. Waite

Instructor – Commercial Driver License (CDL), Full Time

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