Get the total college experience. Technical colleges with dorms give you the chance to live on campus while you train for a great career.

You don’t have to choose between a quality technical education and a great college experience. At two-year colleges with dorms, like Ranken Technical College, you can live away from home, make friends playing pool or ping-pong after class, and sleep in before your morning classes.

Looking for more reasons to choose technical colleges with dorms? Here are our top ten:

  • 1. Live with 100+ of your newest and closest friends

    Myrtle and Earl Walker Hall has 61 rooms and can house more than 200 students. That gives you the opportunity to connect with students you might not otherwise meet. The residents of Walker Hall form friendships that could last a lifetime – not to mention a network that can benefit you in your future career!

  • 2. We’re minutes away from the city’s main attractions

    Ranken is one of the only two-year colleges with dorms in the St. Louis region. When you live on campus at Walker Hall, you’re just a quick drive away from the Loop, the Central West End, Forest Park and Busch Stadium.

  • 3. Greater access to campus resources

    Computer on the fritz? No problem – you can finish your homework assignment in the Student Success Center’s computer lab. Want to stay fit while you get your degree? Don’t worry about paying for a gym membership – you’ll have fitness equipment in the residence hall and the nearby student recreation center.

  • 4. Experience diversity

    The men and women who live in Walker Hall come from all different places and backgrounds, and study in all of the different divisions at Ranken.

  • 5. Movie nights, karaoke nights, study groups…

    There’s always something to do at Walker Hall. The Residential Life office plans events and outings throughout the school year so you can meet the other residents. Programs from past semesters have included:

    • Monthly Birthday Celebrations
    • Bible Study
    • Karaoke Night
    • Bowling Night
    • Arm Wrestling Tournament
    • Ramen (Noodle) Rumble
    • Movie Nights
    • Video Game Tournaments
  • 6. Walk to class and never be late

    The residence hall is centrally located within the St. Louis campus, so you’ll be only a few steps away from your classrooms, shops and labs.

  • 7. There is always someone to lend support or to answer a question

    There are many places to turn if you need help, whether you need directions to your classes or advice on a class project:

    • Walker Hall’s Resident Assistants are students in their third or fourth semester. They are always there to help if you need support or advice.
    • The Residential Life office staff is available to help you navigate life at Ranken and to help with any questions you have about living on campus.
    • Ranken’s Public Safety department is located on the first floor of Walker Hall, and they can help you with questions about your Ranken ID, parking, and more.
  • 8. Learn to be self-sufficient and independent

    Technical colleges with dorms, like Ranken, give you experience of living on your own before you get into the workforce. You won’t need your mom to wake you up and get you out the door on the first day of your future job!

  • 9. Save on gas money

    Skipping the commute to classes won’t just save you money on gas – you won’t have to worry about running late because of traffic or bad weather. Car trouble won’t cost you hours that you could be in class, learning the hands-on skills that you need.

  • 10. Experience campus life

    Many students look for two-year colleges with dorms because they don’t want to miss out on the classic college experience. Living at Walker Hall means that you’ll be right there for campus events, clubs and work-study jobs. You’ll also have more opportunities to socialize and form friendships with other residents.

Ready to learn more about living at Walker Hall? Check out our Housing FAQ and information about applying for housing at Ranken.

Interested in seeing more of our residential housing facilities and campus life? Take an interactive 360° virtual tour of the WALKER RESIDENCE HALL