Hope Brasseur graduated from Ranken’s Information Technology program Summa Cum Laude in December 2019. She tells us, “It [a degree from Ranken] made finding a job in my field very easy! I received a lot of hands-on experience through my classes at Ranken and earned certificates that have advanced me ahead of other IT associates in my field.” Recollecting her time spent at Ranken, Hope says her favorite memory “would be getting to know my classmates. I still talk daily with a few of them.”

Hope was a top performer and mentor. Charles Corrigan, IT Division Chair and instructor explains, “Hope was an outstanding student with great work ethic. She was always one of the top performers in class and put forth the extra effort to always stand out. She was a respected class member and often took on a role of a team leader, helping others. Hope always displayed traits, attitude, and knowledge we would expect from an outstanding Ranken student.”

She has been employed by Stifel Financial Corporation for more than a year now. Her accomplishments there have received high praise. “Hope Brasseur is fantastic and one of the best hires I have ever made in any position I’ve held,” said Tom Chesley, IT Team Lead. “I was actually the one who attended Ranken’s hiring fair and spoke to Hope in person that day. We were not only impressed with her choice of educational institution but with the certifications she held upon graduation. Despite her lack of experience in the field, we felt her resume spoke to what we could expect from her if hired; she performed very well during the interview process. We knew we had to hire her, and it was one of the best decisions we could have made for our desk. Hope is professional, knowledgeable, and exhibits strong customer service skills. She has outshined most of her peers and put herself in a position to move forward in her career quickly . . . I just can’t say enough positive things about her.”

Mr. Chesley added, “As for Ranken, we have pulled from their talent pool many times now and have yet to be disappointed. All of the candidates we have interviewed and hired from Ranken have proved to be standouts and I am impressed with their job readiness, professional demeanor, and their skillsets. I am always excited to attend your [Ranken] job fairs, looking for my next standout.”

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