Lloyd Miller – Communications and Computer Technology

Congratulations to Lloyd as he celebrates the 50thanniversary of his graduation from Ranken Technical College. Lloyd had this to say about the impact of his Ranken education, “Ranken’s greatest impact in my life was how its training and strong work ethic positioned me to be initially successful in the US Navy immediately upon graduation.  The skills obtained at Ranken allowed me to enlist in the US Navy, during the height of the Vietnam War, and immediately propelled me into one of the most technologically advanced areas of the early 1970’s – Satellite Communications.  Over my four years, I became responsible for the 2nd and then 6th Fleet readiness of these shipboard systems assigned as a member of the Admiral’s staff.  I received several letters of commendation for my services.  This success positioned me to go on to a very successful career in IT and Project Management to where I have managed projects and programs in the tens of millions of dollars and provide consulting services at the CXX level of corporations.  Ranken was the catalyst I needed to position me for success, and I believe to this day it continues to do so for so many of its graduates!” Lloyd is married and lives in South County. He and his wife, Mary, have 5 children and 13 grandchildren and both still work full time. They are members of the Patriot Guard Riders and enjoy many hobbies and Lloyd is learning to play the bugle so that he can play taps at military funerals. His favorite Ranken memories are building an operational radar system and watching his two sons, Lloyd, Automotive 2001, and Justin, IT 2002, graduate from Ranken.