Daniel Bortz graduated from the Internet Web Based Technology program in 2010.  Since that time, he has built his resume while gaining technical experience in customer support services, onsite installations and troubleshooting of networks, database management, and software application development.

When asked about his favorite memory from his time here at Ranken he admits, “Honestly, it was the cafeteria food. They made the best buffalo chicken wraps and breakfast burritos! But also, being able to be hands-on with the systems was huge for me. I also graduated with my best friend as well!” Daniel adds, “my favorite instructor was Evan Gudmestad (a.k.a. Mr. G) and obtaining a Ranken education ‘got him into the field of his dreams!’”

Mr. Gudmestad, IT Assistant Division Chair explains, “Daniel’s greatest strengths are his soft/social skills. He is outgoing and very likeable. In a world of geeks, that’s exceptional.”

IT Manager, Matt Gorman, shared, “Daniel does work for me at Laclede Chain Manufacturing. We hired him back in August 2020, and he has worked out very well for us. He fits in great with our culture and has caught on very quickly, learning our systems and data. Daniel is an application developer for us, but also helps out with technical support since we are a small company and have to wear many hats. He has had a great attitude from day one and has been very flexible with our current remote working environment. Daniel also has a great work ethic and is always eager and willing to help out where he can. He came to us with several years of experience under his belt, as well as in the key areas we needed like C#, SQL, and SSRS which was a huge plus for us.”

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