Graham Miller graduated in May 2020 Cum Laude with an Associate Degree in Application and Web Development. The program exposed Graham to a wide variety of coding and programming applications in use by nearly every industry. He remembers the sense of shared purpose with his friends at Ranken, and “having conversations in the cafeteria about our daily lives and what we think will be on the next exam.”

Evan Gudmestad, Ranken faculty and Information Technology Assistant Division Chair, says “Graham is simply an outstanding person and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to get to know him these last couple of years.”

After a post-graduation internship at the REJIS (Regional Justice Information Service) Commission, Graham moved on to Application Development at Mercy Virtual Care Center. The Center is the world’s first facility dedicated to telehealth, and features two-way cameras, online instruments, and the ability to register vital signs, connecting clinicians and patients remotely in real-time.

Mr. Gudmestad, looking back at Graham’s academic career, knew from the beginning that his student would go far. “Yes, he excelled in the classroom. . . he helped those around him. . . he had a positive attitude and was enjoyable to be around. Graham checks all the boxes for an ideal student and employee. Any employer that is lucky enough to hire him will quickly learn that they’ve got a genuine rock star on their team!”

Congratulations to Graham Miller as he embarks on his career working at the very cutting edge of healthcare technology!

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