John served in the military for three years prior to coming to Ranken. While in the military he performed maintenance on Hawk missile radar systems. At Ranken he studied Communication Electronics and then went to work for his Dad at his TV and appliance repair shop. When his Dad passed away, he inherited the business and his mother worked for the business until she passed away. John retired in 2012 and sold the business to his nephew who still runs it under the name John Hicks Maytag. John remembers two of his instructors from his Ranken days, Mr. Underwood and Mr. Gilkey. John has been a volunteer fireman and is currently in his eighth year as Mayor of Gillespie, IL. He recently oversaw a $13 Million water improvement project. John has been married to his wife for 53 years and has three daughters and five grandchildren. He has one grandson in the Navy and one in the marines. He has a grandson who is a Ranken Grad and is currently an electrician. The other two are in school, one at Columbia University and the other is a high school senior.