Please visit the library for access to Ranken’s physical collection. The catalog for the physical book collection as well as access to thousands of eBooks, several online databases and the Mobius Library Search—used to access the catalogs of other academic and public libraries throughout Missouri—are available online via Inside Ranken, and personalized assistance is available from the Student Success Center. In total, the library provides:

  • More than 8,500 physical academic and research resources
  • Access to more than 100,000 eBooks
  • Access to various online databases

Infopasses and Interlibrary loans are also available through the library at Ranken Technical College. These programs give Ranken students and employees access to the collections of dozens of academic libraries as well as the resources of many local libraries.


The Library offers print, video/DVD, computer-aided and online materials on a variety of study skills topics, including math, reading and writing, and is equipped with a copy machine/scanner, computers and printers for customer use.