Adam Blattel is much like many talented adults who spend years in search of their niche. Adam graduated with an Associate Degree in Automotive Maintenance Technology in May 2003. He returned to Ranken the fall term of 2019 as an evening student to pursue a two-year certificate in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technology (HVAC), graduating in December 2020. Adam is a HVAC Technician at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

Benjamin Brown, HVAC Section Supervisor at Scott Air Force Base and HVAC instructor at Ranken Technical College, tells us “Adam was in my residential HVAC class. He was very serious about his education. He worked hard in class and asked lots of questions; his communication skills are outstanding. Adam applied for a temporary position at Scott AFB in the 375th HVAC Shop. This is a great way to gain experience working on all types of commercial, residential, and institutional equipment just coming out of school. He was hired as an apprentice but is working at a journeyman skill level. Adam is maintaining critical chillers, pumps, and air handling units that enable the Air Force global mission. He has been recognized as the ‘Performer of the Month’ for the 375th Civil Engineering Squadron. His background is working with computers and this fits in great when working with automated control systems. Adam is always on time and ready to work. He displays outstanding work ethic.  I am proud to know Adam and to have been one of his instructors.”

Adam acknowledges, “My certificate from Ranken is the only reason I have this job. Every respected employer in this region requires you to attend Ranken. When speaking with potential employers in the Greater St. Louis area, like Jarrell Contracting and the Union, I repeatedly heard the same advice, ‘You have to go to Ranken.’” Of Adam’s favorite memories while attending Ranken, he enjoyed helping younger students succeed.

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