Pete’s first job after graduating was for a construction company in Madison, IL repairing heavy equipment. After this his career took a different path. Pete decided to become a police officer which he did for two years. He then got into security work and completed his bachelor’s degree from LaSalle University in 1990. He eventually got hired to work security at Emerson which he did for 32 years before retiring. Pete did not stay retired long. After two years he got bored and went to work for Guarda Security where he still works. Pete says, “Ranken was a great school. I am glad I went there. The safety training, I received at Ranken saved my life. In my first job a piece of medal punctured a vein in my wrist. I was bleeding really bad and I remembered what our teachers told us to do. I immediately put pressure on the wound to control the bleeding until I got to the hospital.” Pete has two daughters and three grandkids. He remembers carpooling with classmates Tom Kasprovich and John Calaway and talking with the guys about racing cars, a hobby which he enjoyed for years at Gateway and Alton Dragway. Pete wrote a book on weight loss in 1993 titled Thirty-Five Pounds Gone.