Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ranken-West?

Ranken-West is a new education, training and workforce development facility planned for Lincoln County, MO.  It will share administrative functions with Ranken Technical College’s existing location in Wentzville, MO to ensure efficient operations.


Where is Ranken-West located?

The new Ranken-West building will be located at 651 John Deere Drive, just south of Troy, MO and just east of U.S. Route 61.


What is the size of the new facility being built?

The facility will be approximately 24,000 square feet in size, including a 4,000 square foot Aquaponics Lab.  Several acres of adjacent property are available for potential future expansion.


What types of instruction will be available?

Three associate’s degree programs will be offered: Building & Construction Trades, Agriculture Tech & Aquaponics, and Advanced Precision Machining, in addition to a Renewable Energy certification and the Bachelor’s in Applied Management (BSAM).  Note that area high school students will be able to earn credit at Ranken-West as part of an accelerated degree / dual enrollment model.


Who provided the funding for the project?

The capital construction costs have been paid for by grants from public agencies: $5.1 million from the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration and $1 million from the Missouri State Legislature (both houses). $300,000 has been committed by Lincoln County over three years to help with staffing of the facility; various private supporters have also been contacted.


Who is involved in project?

The Ranken-West Partnership includes: the Boonslick Regional Planning Commission (WIOA Job Center), the City of Troy, Lincoln County Economic Development Office, the Lincoln County R-III School District, and Ranken Technical College.


Why is this project important to the local economy?

As the first project of its kind in Lincoln County, Ranken-West will provide hands-on technical education leading to high paying, in-demand career paths, and ‘earn while you learn’ opportunities to students through microenterprises.  It will also help fuel the region’s economic recovery from the 2019 floods and FEMA declaration.


When will the site open?

Site preparation had taken place by the time of the groundbreaking in June 2020.  The anticipated construction schedule will see Ranken-West open in the summer of 2021; bidding on construction contracts will take place in fall 2020.


As an industry, how do I get more information on workforce development/participation?

Contact Ranken Technical College’s Education and Manufacturing Cooperative for more information on participating in microenterprises, intern/externships, job shadowing and other workforce development activities with students.


As a prospective student, how do I get more information on attending?

Ranken-West will serve students of all kinds – those still in high school, recent high school graduates, and adults seeking to enhance their skills or embark on a new career.  Information will be distributed throughout the Lincoln County R-III and other nearby school districts; Ranken’s Admissions office in Wentzville is always available to assist prospective students until the new facility is open.


As a business/industry how do I get more information on services required and the bid process?

Ranken Technical College has an RFP & IFB webpage (found on the menu to the right) that will list all bid opportunities and other relevant information related to the bid process.  This includes RFPs issued under Economic Development Administration (EDA) funding and links to Ranken-West partner websites.


If high school students attend at no cost, how is their Ranken tuition covered?

Ranken’s standard tuition rate is $623 per technical credit hour; however students at Ranken-West can take advantage of a special rate of $45 per credit hour for general electives (the lowest post-secondary rate in the state).  While a high school student is dual enrolled at Ranken-West, they will not be responsible for their tuition.  Their tuition will be covered via direct assistance from the R-III School District and Ranken Technical College, along with Pell grants (available to secondary students at Ranken only).  Once they graduate from high school, they will be able to take advantage of the same financial assistance available for all other students (see next question below).


What assistance is available to other students?

High school graduates, including adult students, will be able to access numerous types of financial aid: A+ scholarships; a new Ranken-West scholarship fund; various other established/endowed scholarships at Ranken; and scholarship credits earned through participation in Learn 2 Earn activities such as the annual Summer Career Adventure Academy.  Combined with student earnings from various paid work experiences, there should be little to no cost!


Will participating high school students be able to earn college credits?

Participating Ranken-West Students can be dual enrolled, and thus eligible to earn college credits before graduating high school.  Ranken Technical College, as a fully accredited educational institution, will apply these credits toward the completion of our offered degree programs, or they may be transferred to other higher learning post-secondary institutions.