Technical careers have never been more in demand. If you want a hands-on job in a field with lots of potential, consider a technical career.

Find the Best Career Path for You

To find the best career path for you, and the Ranken program that can get you there, speak with one of our Admissions Counselors. They will explain each program and help navigate which programs to consider, depending on your interests, and what you like to do. Please fill out our “Questions? Contact Us!” form and an Admissions Counselor will discuss your options.

With a vocational degree, you can work in a huge variety of trade school careers! The possibilities are endless, and Ranken graduates have some of the best trade school jobs around. Right now, they’re working across the country as web developers, electrical designers, machinists, architects, carpenters, business owners and more!

Between the high number of job openings, the impressive starting salaries and the great long-term potential, there’s never been a better time to get a vocational degree and enter a technical field.

Not sure what career path is right for you? Don’t worry! Ranken has many program offerings, and we’re here to help you figure out your next step and land one of the best trade school jobs.

Do you like working on cars? Want to learn to design or build houses? Or, are you interested in computers and programming? No matter what you love, Ranken has a vocational degree program to give you the skills you need.

Ranken offers programs across six divisions: Automotive, Architecture, Construction, Electrical, Information Technology and Manufacturing. To find out more about the vocational degree and certificate options within each program, click here.

With a Ranken education, you’ll graduate ready to land one of the best trade school jobs available in your chosen field. Fill out the form to the right to speak to an Admissions counselor, and find your career path today!


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