Matthew Blessing is one of many students who pursued more than one degree while at Ranken Technical College. For years, he had worked in building maintenance in one capacity or another. He enrolled in Ranken’s Electrical Automation Technology (EAT) program in 2017. Matthew graduated from the EAT and Control Systems Technology degree programs in 2019. He tells us his favorite memory of his time at Ranken was helping others. Matthew threw himself into many activities before graduating, including volunteering for the FIRST Robotics program. He is not a stranger to hard work. Matthew served in the U.S. Army and is known by many for his diligence and optimism.

On the job, “Matt Blessing has been nothing short of an amazing maintenance manager for me at McGowan Brothers Development,” stated Matthew Ryffel, property manager. “From his broad knowledge of maintenance and labor skills to his hard work and dependability, I’ve been very lucky to have Matt Blessing on my team.”

Matthew left a lasting impression on Ranken faculty. One of his electrical instructors, Nick Weatherly, explained, “Matthew was a student of mine for three semesters. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and came to know him as a truly remarkable student and human being. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Matthew has an impressive work ethic and is always seeking to better himself.  He had a  ‘never give up’ attitude that was a joy to behold and an inspiration. Along with his undeniable talent, Matthew is a true team player, he always managed to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other students.” Another of Matthew’s electrical instructors, Gene Island, shared, “Matthew was not a ‘standard’ student. He was older and had a military background. It was very satisfying to see his success and his goals come to fruition.”

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