Over the past year our society has seen a renewed emphasis on, and appreciation of, essential workers. Among the most needed are those that maintain climate control systems. Ranken Technical College helped Jason Monesmith enter this skilled profession at a critical time – he earned his Certificate in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Technology Magna Cum Laude in May 2020.

Mike Graft, one of Jason’s instructors, says that he “possesses the knowledge and drive needed to succeed in this everchanging field.” Mike was especially impressed by his attitude, sensing that his “possibilities are limitless, and I know Jason will work hard and strive to be the best in his position.”

Jason is employed by Goldkamp Heating and Cooling, a Florissant, MO-based company that prides itself on the efficiency and training level of its staff. Goldkamp’s Installation Manager, Patrick Luley, tells us his new employee has rapidly become an invaluable asset, noting “Jason is awesome! He’s so team friendly and everyone loves to work with him. [He] often comes to me with work-related ideas of his own.” Patrick is even confident that someday, Jason will “have a business of his own.”

Jason found his HVACR experience satisfying on both a professional and a personal level, telling us “Ranken taught me useful information for the trade I am in. I enjoyed the friendships I made with my classmates and instructors.” Jason Monesmith is an outstanding example of a Ranken career success story – impressing everyone he comes into contact with while providing indispensable services to his community!

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