Outside of the hands-on training that Dale McCrackin received during his time at Ranken, there was something else just as important Dale says helped his development.

“I must first thank my instructors at Ranken, because without
them I would not be where I am today,” McCrackin says. “I truly felt like they were always looking out for me and my classmates during my time at Ranken. They also taught me interpersonal skills that I use every single day.”

McCrackin is a spring 2019 Ranken graduate, having completed both the HVAC-R and Major Appliance programs, with MAGNA honors. He now works as a Controls Technician at The CTS Group.

As a Ranken student, McCrackin says his favorite memory was of getting the opportunity to participate in a “How-to” video featuring an unreleased product with the company NIDEC.

“This was a great opportunity to meet some wonderful people from that company and get some insight into up and coming products in my industry,” he says.



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