Now a Master Plumber and Plumbing Superintendent for Comfort Systems USA, Mtech-ICON in Houston, Texas, Cody Frank tells us Ranken had a huge impact on his career. “The plumbing program at Ranken jump started an awesome career . . . Ranken classes and instructors put me ahead of my coworkers with equal and sometimes even more experience. Coming from a small town in Southern Illinois, I never would have imagined I’d be managing plumbing crews and helping run a large-scale company in Austin, Texas doing all sorts of commercial jobs,” he says. Cody received his Certificate of Plumbing Technology in 2007. He is a State of Texas Responsible Master Plumber who carries a Medical Gas Endorsement and owns a small side business named Redbird Plumbing Service, LLC.

Victor Mangold, Vice President of Construction, Comfort Systems USA, Mtech-ICON,  shared “Cody is a great success story here. Within six months of joining Mtech, Cody was chosen as the new field superintendent of our plumbing workforce. He has really excelled and developed a culture of loyalty in his team. Cody gets our name out to the customer base. The sky’s the limit for Cody and we’re proud of him.”

Cody adds, “[The Ranken Plumbing Program] taught me many formulas and methods I did not use right away but always had in my ‘tool bag,’ so to speak. I’m proud to be a Commercial Superintendent managing around 50 men. Ranken teaches you skills and knowledge and gives you the motivation and confidence you need to get in, thrive, and advance in the Plumbing and Pipefitting trade.”

One of Cody’s fondest memories of the Plumbing program was the class final. He says, “Topping out a 3-story building frame before I knew much at all was pretty cool.” Two of Cody’s closest friends, Brian Meado (2007 CST) and David Murphy (2008 HVAC) also graduated from Ranken Technical College.

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