Ranken Technical College’s Department of Public Safety is committed to providing a safe and secure campus for students, employees and visitors. To that end, Public Safety provides security guards stationed throughout campus and secures the College’s parking lots.

Public Safety has no jurisdiction over public streets, and is not able to safeguard any vehicles or belongings outside of Ranken’s campus. Parking on any public streets around the campus is strongly discouraged and is at the individual’s own risk.

Public Safety strongly recommends parking on campus, where Public Safety is better able to monitor your vehicles. While Ranken Technical College takes measures to keep the College, employees’ and students’ property safe and secure, the College is not responsible for vehicle thefts, stolen items from vehicles or any damage to any vehicle which may occur.

If you do choose to park off campus, please be advised that St. Louis City street cleaning takes place from 12:00 to 3:30 p.m. the second Wednesday and Thursday of each month. Vehicles are not allowed to park along the side of the street they are cleaning during these limited times. Please be aware of the city-posted signs when parking off campus. Vehicles parked in violation of these dates and times may be subject to a St. Louis City Parking Citation.

Click here for more information about parking regulations and permits.

If you have any parking concerns or questions, please contact Director of Public Safety Mark Braden at (314) 286-3396 or [email protected].