Why Work in Manufacturing?

Today’s manufacturing industry is driven by skilled workers and innovative technology.

Ranken Technical College can give you the hands-on experience and technical expertise you need to be successful in a manufacturing career!

Earn up to
$53,000 per year

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in the manufacturing industry!

The demand for highly trained workers makes manufacturing school a quick path to a rewarding and well-paying career.

With comprehensive manufacturing training on the industry’s most up-to-date equipment, Ranken prepares you to thrive in your career.

That’s why area employers compete to recruit Ranken manufacturing school graduates – they know that every student has the hands-on experience and technological expertise they need to succeed!







About Ranken Technical College

Ranken Technical College, the regional leader in technical education since 1907, prepares students to enter the workforce or quickly advance in their careers. With more hands-on training than anyone else in the market, program options for relevant, in-demand technical careers, and strong relationships with employers, Ranken students don’t just graduate with an education — they graduate ready to work. Visit www.ranken.edu for more information.