Why a Career in Carpentry?

Do you want to learn by doing? Launch your career as a professional carpenter with real-world training from Ranken Technical College.

10 job offers
on average per graduate!

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Would you rather work outdoors than be stuck in an office? Consider a degree or certificate from Ranken to start a successful and rewarding career as a contractor or carpenter.

Ranken students spend at least 15 hours per week working on a real job site or in our large modern shop. You’ll learn to master power tools and read blueprints so you can land a job in new construction or home remodeling.

And, you’ll spend your last two semesters building an actual house near campus for the local community! Talk about a resume builder.







About Ranken Technical College

Ranken Technical College, the regional leader in technical education since 1907, prepares students to enter the workforce or quickly advance in their careers. With more hands-on training than anyone else in the market, program options for relevant, in-demand technical careers, and strong relationships with employers, Ranken students don’t just graduate with an education — they graduate ready to work. Visit www.ranken.edu for more information.