Tom Scholz attended Ranken after graduating from High School and joined the Air Force nine days later. In the Airforce he became an aircraft mechanic which he did for four years. Tom continued working for the Airforce for nine more years as an airplane mechanic in the civil service. Tom had the opportunity to work on the F-4, F-15, F-111 and the A-10 fighter jets during this time.

Tom got bored with this job and tried a number of other jobs for many years and in 1997 returned to school and received a two-year degree in Architecture where he learned Auto CAD. He worked for three different Architecture firms but none of these jobs lasted long. At his fourth job he became a project manager. While a project manager people would ask him to make home plans for them which he did as a side job at first and this grew into a successful business.

Tom has been running BASE Design and Drafting from his home for 17 years and has been so successful that he has stopped marketing because the work just keeps coming his way. He loves the independence and creativity that owning his own business provides. Tom says, “Architecture is a magical business. If you get trained in this field, you will always be able to find work.” Remembering his time at Ranken, Tom Says, “Ranken is a great place. This is where I learned to work hard. Mr. Ruth and Mr. Kopp taught me to do the job right the first time. They would say ‘if you have time to do it wrong you have time to do it right.’”

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