Terry Allemann ’84, says, “growing up I never remember a repairman entering our house.” Fixing, repairing, installing, building, no matter the task, “my dad (Jim Allemann ’62) always did it himself.” That do-it-yourself attitude was certainly instilled in Terry at a young age and eventually bore fruit as Terry opened his own business, Allemann Machine and Tool. In fact, Jim received that same attitude from his father, Elmer, who was a tool maker and worked on a repair ship during World War II.

After the war Elmer started his own company Allemann Trucking and Excavating in Herman, MO. Terry said at a young age he knew he wanted to be a machinist and knew that Ranken had the best reputation in the St. Louis area, so he enrolled. Terry and Jim worked together for several machine shops in the Greater St. Louis area. Jim retired, but when Terry opened his own shop Jim came out of retirement to help his son.

Terry and Jim still have memories of their school years at Ranken. Terry’s teacher was Walter Pumphrey and Jim had Arthur Weingarten. Terry says that his Ranken education helps him everyday to solve problems with his business. “At Ranken I gained the basic knowledge, theory and calculating skills needed to figure out problems and understand machine basics. I will have a customer ask for a part and I take that information and look at the machines I have and figure out how to make it. This knowledge helps me every day in my business.” Terry started Alleman Machine and Tool in 2009 when the economy crashed, “I always wanted to own my own company. It gives me the opportunity to be creative.” Suzanne Allemann, Terry’s wife, runs the business side of Alleman Machine. With 25 years of corporate accounting experience, she is majority owner and manages everything so Terry can focus on making parts. Jim and Terry are also inventers. They have a patent on a pin measuring tool, check it out at this link: http://www.allemannmachine.com/pin-measuring-system/ . Allemann Machine and Tool is located at 136 Century Commerce Loop, Labadie, MO 63055

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