Q.  Is there a minimum amount I must give in order to make a bequest?

A. No, there is no minimum dollar requirement.  Everyone’s situation is different so whatever amount your wish to donate is welcomed and appreciated.

Q.  How will my gift be used?

A.  You can specify how your bequest is used in your will or trust by designating it for scholarships, capital improvements, general endowment, program support or annual operating support.

Q.  What are my options for making a bequest?

A.  You can specify a specific dollar amount or you can choose to give a percentage of your estate.  If you are not sure about your future circumstances, you can set up a contingency bequest thereby insuring that your spouse and/or family is provided for first.

Q.  Can I change my mind?

A.  Yes.  You can cancel or change the amount of a bequest at any time.

 Q.  What is the quickest and easiest way to make a bequest?

A.  The easiest way to make a charitable bequest to Ranken is to add a codicil to your current will or trust.  If you do not have a will or trust, you should look into establishing one.  At that time, you can instruct your attorney or advisor that you wish to include a charitable bequest to the College.

Q.  Is there special language that I should use when making a bequest?

A.  Yes, you can contact the Development Office for assistance, or use the sample language as follows:

“I hereby bequeath the sum of $____________ for the benefit of Ranken Technical College, St. Louis, Missouri.”


“I hereby bequeath ____% of my estate for the benefit of Ranken Technical College, St. Louis, Missouri.”

Q.  Are there other methods of making an estate gift to Ranken?

A.  Yes, there are several ways of making a gift from your estate such as gift annuities (providing income for life), retirement funds, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts and others.  If you are interested in information on these other giving options, please look in the “Supporting the College” section of our web site or contact the Development Office.