From time to time Ranken conducts campaigns to raise funds for specific projects that cannot be funded from the general operating budget. These campaigns have been instrumental in providing funding for the growth and development of the College and its programs. Recent campaigns have included:

The Centennial Campaign which raised over $11 million for scholarships, equipment and technology and campus improvements.

The Growth and Development Campaign which raised over $8 million for construction of the Gray Information Technology Center. The facility – which was completed in 1997 and houses our IT and 1st year Carpentry Program – is named for Ashley Gray, the former Chairman of the Board and leader of the campaign.

A $6 million special project campaign to raise funds to acquire the former Raskas Dairy property located at Page and Newstead. The funds were used for construction of a dormitory (Myrtle and Earl Walker Hall) and renovation of the manufacturing facility (The Mary Ann Lee Technology Center) which houses High Performance Racing Technology, Industrial Maintenance and Fabrication and Welding.