The College wants to remind all students to drive responsibly, especially in the area surrounding our campus. Our neighbors and the local police force have expressed concern about reckless driving and speeding by our day and evening students. In particular, we have witnessed students running stop signs on Newstead, Taylor and Delmar Avenues near the campus and speeding on Cook Avenue.

Captain John Hayden, Commander of the Fifth Police District, has asked District 5 police officers to increase traffic patrols near our campus immediately. Our neighbors are asked to write down the license plate numbers of any vehicles running stop signs and send them to Vice President for Student Success John Wood for follow-up. If you are reported for speeding and/or reckless driving the College will follow the discipline policy in our student handbook (page 29) which states:


Ranken is committed to ensuring our students drive safely and sensibly in the neighborhoods surrounding our campus. Our goal is to ensure the safety of our students and neighbors. Therefore, we work closely with the St. Louis Police Department and neighborhood groups to identify and stop students who drive carelessly or recklessly around our campus. Students caught speeding or driving recklessly in the vicinity of the College may be suspended or dismissed from classes.

Please drive responsibly at all times, and be respectful of Ranken’s residential and business neighbors. Local police will not be lenient with any driver who is reckless, speeding and/or breaking traffic laws.