Did you know that each semester we run about 170 sections of general education courses to include all the courses, in addition to the technical courses, needed for the certificate, associate and bachelor’s degree courses offered at Ranken? For the associate degrees, the general education credits add up to more than 30% of the degree being earned, and sometimes it’s closer to 40%. That’s a pretty big portion!

Ranken Technical Co0llege Student in Physics classMost people know there are reading, writing and math classes in the general education division. But, we don’t stop there. Are you aware we also teach sociology, psychology, intercultural communications, business ethics, business management, organizational communications, macroeconomics and American government? Some students even take higher math courses such trigonometry and calculus to boot.

In our Bachelor of Science in Applied Management program, students delve into human resource management, employment law, managerial finance, small business management, management of information systems, project management, global business strategies and even Lean Six Sigma. Yes, we cover it all for those who want to be managers in a technical field. In all, Ranken offers more than 50 different general education and management courses, and that comes with eight starts per academic year.

These courses have been designed to be delivered both seated and online, making the courses a good fit for working students and those who need flexible schedules. And, to teach all these courses in the general education division, there are 40 very dedicated instructors. All of them hold master’s degrees or even doctorates. When you take all that brain power and add it to the technical skills going on in all the technical programs, Ranken rocks in education and training!