Kody Zedolek graduated in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science from Ranken’s Architectural Technology program. Kody’s course of study included intensive building design projects, and he remembers the atmosphere of mutual support, recalling “nights spent working in the studio to meet deadlines with my friends. Architecture students can accomplish anything, given [enough] pizza, energy drinks, and a projector to watch The Godfather on.”

“He was always eager to do more than the basic requirements of a project,” says Architecture Department Chair Kelley Raftery. “Kody was a team leader and respected by his classmates.” Kody started to apply his skills in real-world settings almost immediately. Working for Ranken’s Buildings & Grounds dept from his 2nd semester, he later participated in a 3-semester internship with HOK, the prestigious architectural design firm based in St. Louis. After graduation, Kody became part of the Architectural Staff at The Lamar Johnson Collaborative (LJC), a subsidiary of leading constructor Clayco. Vance Stutz, a Principal with Clayco, tells us that “Kody has been a wonderful addition to our design practice and . . .creates an awesome work environment with his positive and humble personality.” Furthermore, Vance sees that “Kody has helped create an awareness throughout the firm of what great talented students Ranken is developing in our own backyard. In the past two years we have hired six individuals from Ranken’s architectural program.” Among the many key projects Kody has contributed to at LMC is an engine plant for Blue Origin – the rocket company initiated by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. “My education at Ranken, both in the classroom and as a student worker, prepared me for the fast paced and ever-changing field of Architecture at an affordable cost,” Kody says. His brother, Tanner, is currently enrolled in Ranken’s Electrical Systems Design Technology program.

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