Nick Kallal credits Ranken for having a great impact on his career. “Ranken gave me the opportunity to find what I liked and to be capable of many different skills that have helped me in my career,” he tells us. “The electrical class I took for one semester taught me more than I needed to know for a first-year apprentice electrician. I am definitely ahead in my trade. The other technical classes I took at Ranken also helped me understand the industry. With basic knowledge of welding, hydraulics, mechanical and carpentry, I am able to better understand my job and career on a daily basis as an apprentice. I am very thankful for Ranken for getting me started on a great career.”

Nick graduated in May 2019 with an Associate Degree in Industrial Technology. He is an Apprentice Electrician with Reinhold Electric. Reinhold, founded in 1976, serves the greater St. Louis area, as well as Central Missouri, and Southwestern Illinois. The company utilizes over 250 electricians daily to provide service and maintenance work in homes and businesses. Their 24-hour emergency service provides customers during power outages and electrical failures.

Nick valued the hands-on training he received at Ranken. He says, “[Ranken] is definitely one-of-a-kind and will get anyone ahead on beginning a career. The job fair was a huge help in finding jobs. I had at least half a dozen job offers on the spot with another half dozen interviews ready to be set up.”

Greg Presley, former Industrial Technology Department Chair and instructor, explains “Nick was a model student. He is smart and has a great personality and work ethic. When he finished required projects in class, he would take on extra projects. It is not a surprise that he is successful in his job.”

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