Right after graduating from Ranken Technical College in 2011, I went to work as a Web Developer at The Net Impact in Chesterfield, MO. After 2 years I moved on to a Web Engineer position at my current company, Integrity.

My experience at Ranken can be described as very positive. Growing up I always had an interest in computers but it wasn’t until the introductory lesson in HTML during the operating system course that I discovered my passion for programming and the web. In addition to learning various programming languages, one of the greatest skills that I’ve obtained from Ranken was the ability to teach myself. Especially in web development, it’s not uncommon for an issue to arise in a language I’ve never worked in before, but I can trust myself to hit the ground running to reach an effective solution. In the past employers have recognized me for this ability as well my strong work ethic, another characteristic that Ranken emphasizes in its students.