After leaving Ranken I began developing a CMS specialized for car dealerships. I used ASP.Net and SQL to write a system that allowed dealers to upload information about their inventory, as well as their business information. Shortly after that I began work contracting for Royal Canin, where I wrote WCF web services responsible for the ordering and invoicing their products sold by third-party websites, as well as aiding their team with implementing several Sharepoint web parts and company education intranet sites. From there, I began work at Cass Information Systems as a SQL/C# developer. I worked on large databases responsible for logistics data and analytics, as well as company software used to reduce paper and prevent loss of information throughout the billing and invoicing life cycle. Following that, I moved to San Diego and started work for Alliant Insurance developing the UI for Sharepoint 2013 and .Net MVC sites.

Ranken helped prepare me for a variety of jobs. I have worked on the front-end, back-end, and middle-tier using the diverse knowledge gained from attending school there. The Internet and Web Technology program has enabled me to span the full development spectrum throughout my career, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I have never been without a job, and have always had the ability and knowledge to seize any opportunities that come my way.