Deanna Landreth Law graduated March 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology. She is now an Architectural Technician for Archimages. Archimages Inc. is an award-winning leader in the Architectural, Engineering, and Design Industry in the Midwest. Jim Huber, Principal at Archimages, explains “Deanna was well prepared to step in and immediately be productive on our projects. As with anyone, there is a learning curve regarding the way we like to do things and our drawing standards, but she enthusiastically picked that up rather quickly. Our culture centers around teams that work together to create a common goal. She has fit into that culture rather easily and continues to learn and expand her work skills on a daily basis. She is a very important part of our team.”

Deanna tells us, “Ranken has taught me that showing up ready, in uniform or proper attire, and being ready is half the battle. It really builds a lot of respect. Deanna was Student Ambassador President, Head Resident Assistant, Student Government President, Phi Theta Kappa President, and Student Worker in various departments; she was an active member of the Ranken community. She adds, “Some of my favorite memories are staying up late working on models in the [Architecture] studio perfecting every little detail of a project.” Deanna also completed an internship at The Korte Company, a design-build construction firm, during her junior year. Her cousin, Matthew Omans, is also a Ranken alum.

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