”Ranken training helped me succeed in my life by giving me a good foundation of training in my chosen field of Automotive Maintenance. It was through my Ranken education and the help of many other people that I was able to succeed in life.” Dean graduated from Automotive Technology in 1963 and quickly realized he wanted to start his own business. After working for a short period in a small automotive shop with a fellow Ranken graduate to gain experience, he began renting space in another building to begin his own business, Dean’s Auto Service. In 1973 he bought ground and built his own 5,200 square foot building. Over the years he hired and helped many Ranken graduates and others to succeed in their careers as auto mechanics. He continued building his automotive service company through the years, successfully meeting the needs of many repeat customers. He was also able to teach auto mechanics at Lewis & Clark technical school in St. Charles, MO for three years. In recent years, he has opted to turn over management of that business to employees and pursue other interests. Among those interests are several real estate properties which he has accumulated over the years and now works to lease and maintain. Dean has been greatly involved in the alumni association for many years and is an active supporter of Ranken. He is also a member of the Alumni Leadership Council and a former President of the Ranken Alumni Association.