Dave “The Plumber” Munie graduated from Ranken’s Plumbing Technology program in 1990. He took the post of Plumbing Department Chair and Instructor at Ranken in 2015. Since that time, Dave has been writing curriculum and teaching day students the craft of plumbing. He also maintains a departmental budget and does an incredible job of recruiting future plumbers for our industry. Dave has increased enrollment in Ranken’s Plumbing Technology program four-fold in the past five years. With Dave’s ingenuity and imagination, Ranken now has a state-of-the-art three-story plumbing laboratory. “[The structure has] 43 bathrooms, so every student’s going to put full bathrooms in. They’re going to do laundries, kitchens, water heaters . . . and we’re going to turn it on,” he says. “We’re growing great plumbers from the ground up.”

Dave, Master Plumber, has been a member of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 101 in Belleville, Illinois for 27 years. He’s been a leader in charge of many different facets of the plumbing industry including commercial, residential, and industrial. Dave is the former owner and operator of a plumbing company himself; he possesses entrepreneurial experience and a love of the trade. He also taught plumbing and pipefitting apprentices in foreman certification and Illinois plumbing code through Local 101 for 15 years.

Dan Kania, Ranken Vice President for Education boasts, “It’s no secret that Dave has a passion for plumbing and that is why the program has grown under his leadership! Whenever there is a tour through plumbing, Dave always gets the group excited about the program with his enthusiasm. His real impact has been in preparing and connecting students to industry. Dave is well respected by his students, his team, and the Ranken community. “

Dave tells us, “[My Ranken education prepared me for] a great career!” His favorite memory of his time as a Ranken student is . . . “impossible to choose, there are too many to list,” he says. Dave’s father, Roger Munie, graduated from Ranken’s plumbing program June 1965 (pictured with Dave above).

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