As a student in the Machining program, Dave worked in the tool crib for the evening program and as a night watchman. One of the classmates he remembers being friends with was Bill Flanigan from Automotive. After graduating, Dave went to work for American Railcar Industries where he was employed for 45 years. The company was located on The Hill before moving to St. Charles. For his first 35 years, he was a machinist then switched to Environmental Health Safety for his last ten years. The safety training, he coordinated for employees came in handy when one of the secretaries had a heart attack and Dave used CPR to save her life. “I never thought I would need to use that stuff,” Dave said, “but I am glad I knew what to do.” Dave was honored by the City of St. Charles for this selfless act. Dave says, “I highly recommend Ranken” and remembers it “being very strict and challenging which was good [for building character].” Dave has three kids, Kia, Kurt, and Holly, and six grandkids.