Chris Richardson graduated from Ranken Technical College’s Plumbing program in May 2019.  “From the minute I took a tour of the plumbing department and met my future teachers I knew this was what I wanted to do in life,” Chris says.

Dave Munie, Plumbing Department Chair at Ranken, instructed Chris and remembers him well: “Chris was a great student, very smart and business savvy. . . I believe he’ll go on to bigger and better things, [a] top lead position in the field.”  Chris is thinking very much along these same lines, predicting that he “will be a journeyman in the trade and with any luck, be able to try running work as a foreman.”

Both his classmates and instructors bestowed a unique nickname on Chris reflecting his intelligence and recall – ‘the professor’.

Work ethic is graded as part of the experience at Ranken Technical College, including a vital component – teamwork.  This is one of the things that impressed Chris the most, as he recalls: “Even though my class was on the large side, we all became like one family. If anyone had a problem with something, either in the classwork or home life, we helped each other through it.”

Since he graduated, Chris Richardson has been employed with Grasse & Associates and is currently a 2nd year apprentice.  Grasse & Associates incorporated in 1992 but represents only the latest endeavor of the Grasse family, which has been synonymous with the local construction industry for nearly a century.  The company works with general contractors across the St. Louis metro area and Chris is currently working on sleeving a deck – preparing a permanent concrete installation for piping, a task which requires advanced surveying skills. “I have great benefits and pay” Chris proudly declares, “and can now support a future family of my own.”

Photos below taken Spring 2019

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