During my last semester at Ranken Technical College I was hired by Engage Software as a Web Developer. At Engage I worked on an array of different websites all based in ASP.NET using the DNN CMS (Content Management System). While I was at Engage I decided continued my education at Webster University; where after only two years I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Information Systems with an Emphasis in Web Development. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I parted ways with Engage to work as a Software Engineer at Tapestry Solutions. Here at Tapestry I can wake up every day and know that I am making a difference.

My experience at Ranken has greatly helped me pursue my passion. Not only did Ranken teach me the skills I needed to succeed (C#, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and more), but it also mentally prepared me for the real word. The instructors have and still continually support me and my advancing career even after I graduated. I owe a lot of my success to the many doors that have been opened for me thanks for Ranken.