Current Employment: KV Pharmaceutical Co. Project Manager/CAD Manager

After graduating Ranken in June of 1997, with an Associate Degree in Architectural Technology, Angela Parker began work for Sverdrup Facilities as a contract employee. Soon after, she was hired on as a full time employee, working closely with designers, architects, and engineers. Eventually, Angela found her temporary “niche” with the Interior Design Group, which was a great fit but, it was not long before she realized that she would hit the glass ceiling at a young age. With this in mind, Angela decided to broaden her horizons and return to school. At that time, computers were the way to go, so back to Ranken she went. Angela continued to work for Sverdrup part-time while attending Ranken for a second degree.

In August of 2000, Angela graduated from Ranken once again with an Associate Degree in Computer Networking Technology.

Upon receiving her new degree, she went to work for a small window manufacturing company in St. Louis, developing fenestration software. Eventually finding that this was not the field she most enjoyed, she contacted her previous supervisor to see if Sverdrup had any positions available that would allow her to utilize her unique combination of A/E/C and computer skills. Shortly thereafter a larger, global company, Jacobs Engineering, acquired Sverdrup and a position was developed specifically for Angela – Project Technology Coordinator. With this position came national responsibility to grow A/E/C Technology throughout the company, but required extensive travel.

In August of 2005, Angela accepted a position as CAD Manager at KV Pharmaceutical Co., allowing Angela to remain in St. Louis. In October of 2006, Angela married and is expecting a son in March of 2008.

Today, Angela remains employed as KV’s CAD Manager but has also taken on more responsibility as Project Manager, managing small construction projects throughout KV’s 15 facilities city-wide.