Current Employment: United States Air Force  Academic Instructor (retired)

Allan Miller has led a life of service, both to his country and his community. Before attending Ranken he served from 1945-1946 with the U.S. Army. After his graduation in 1949 he went to work for the U.S. Air Force, working in the communications field as well as avionics. Eventually he was also an academic instructor. Miller retired from the Air Force in 1989 after 38 years of service.

Married in 1958, Miller spent the years prior to that on the construction of his own home from 1956-1958 – skills he still puts to use, as he recently rewired his son’s home and installed a new bathroom for him.

Miller has also been active with the Toastmasters organization, and has served as the president of the 496 Chapter.

Active with his church, Miller has served on its council and as treasurer of their endowment fund for five years. His skills with finances also contributed to his volunteering with the AARP to do taxes for their members for ten years.

He currently works part-time as an elected member of the Pontiac/William Holliday school board and resides in Fairview Heights, Ill. He retains his federal radio and telephone license to this day.