Online Bookstore Information

Ranken will no longer sell textbooks on campus. We have partnered with Ecampus to develop an online bookstore.

Through Ecampus, Ranken students will be able to purchase new or used textbooks at a more competitive price. In some cases, book rental, eBook, and eBook rental may also be an option.

Frequently Asked Questions


What about book buyback? Ecampus has a book buyback program. Please see their website for full details.

What about tools and other supplies?  Tools and supplies will still be sold in the on-campus bookstore.

How do I use financial aid when purchasing textbooks online? Once you are approved by Ranken’s financial aid department, the business office will notify Ecampus that you are authorized to make textbook purchases using financial aid. E-Campus will send an email to your student email account which will include your ID and password for their website. You will need this ID and password to purchase textbooks using financial aid, so be sure to check your student email account.

I deleted my email from Ecampus. What should I do? Click on the Ecampus link below. Click Order Your Books. On the page that opens, toward the lower right corner of the page, there is a link to have the email resent.

Ecampus Link